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Frequently Asked Questions


  • When will your current game be released?

    When it's functionally stable, well-polished, and otherwise ready to be released. An official release date for each project will be announced closer to the end of development, likely during the beta testing stage. Be sure to follow the news blog for more information on our current project.

  • Will you have alpha/beta tests?

    If possible, yes. For PC (plus Mac and Linux if possible) games will likely be available during alpha and beta via Steam's Early Access program to help find and fix bugs, balance gameplay, and acquire general feedback. For console or mobile games, alpha and beta testing most likely will not be available.

  • Will your games be available on Mac / Linux?

    This varies per-project, but they will whenever possible. Currently we're using the Unreal Engine 4 for development, and it has decent support for both Mac and Linux, so it shouldn't be too difficult to support them. That being said, our primary focus is PC, followed by Linux, then Mac.

    Mac is less of a focus at the moment because building Unreal Engine games for Mac requires you to use a Mac, and currently the "newest" Mac owned on the dev team is a roughly 10-year-old Macbook Pro that likely can't even run Unreal.

  • Will your games be available on consoles?

    Possibly, but again, this varies per-project. Some projects might have gameplay features that don't translate well from keyboard and mouse over to controllers. This also depends on hardware and platform-specific restrictions.

  • Will your games be available on mobile?

    Unless it's specifically made for mobile, most likely not. Due to the performance gap between mobile and consoles, many features for titles that aren't mobile-focused would need to be simplified or completely sacrified to work on mobile.



  • How do I contact you?

    You can contact us via email or on Twitter @ChromarGames.

  • Can I join the team?

    We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we aren't accepting random members. We'll make an official announcement when we're hiring.


  • How much will your games cost?

    This is largely dependent on the type of game, content, and target platforms, and can't really be summed up in a brief paragraph. Additionally, we aren't going to charge full price for a game that's currently in Early Access, but prices are subject to change between alpha, beta, and release.

  • Where can I buy your games?

    Currently nowhere, because we haven't released anything yet! However, we currently plan to use Steam as our primary release platform. Other platforms will vary per-project.