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The forums are currently offline while the site is under construction. Use our subreddit or our Discord server to join with the community in the mean time!


Welcome to the official ChromarGames website! The site is still under construction at the moment, so you may run into broken links and missing pages. Sorry for any inconveniences that may arise.

While the majority of the site is under construction, you can keep up with news and the development process by visiting one of the links in the social media section below.

Social Media

Our primary methods of interacting with the community right now are our Discord server and subreddit, so be sure to join us on either platform (or both!) if you want to chat with us! If you just want general news about ChromarGames, the news blog will be updated occasionally and the development blog will have more frequent and in-depth updates on the development process. In addition to these, ChromarGames can be found on Instagram, Twitter @ChromarGames, and Facebook.


ChromarGames is a small independent game development studio that focuses on making fun, high quality games. We use an open development process to allow our fans to follow our progress on our current projects. This system allows anyone to participate in open alpha and beta tests and helps us gather crucial feedback early on in development.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us via email.